Sarah Mikutel

My story

I’m Sarah Mikutel, an American writer, podcast consultant, and host of the podcasts Postcard Academy and Podcasting Step by Step. I’ve lived in various corners of Europe since 2010, when, at the advice of a stranger, I moved to Italy to acquire dual citizenship. Within a few months, I became an E.U. citizen and received a literal passport to freedom. The best decision of my life.

In addition to helping other global citizens find ways to travel more and live abroad, I’m madly in love with podcasts and have been since my grad school days. But, in my early 20s, I did not have the confidence to develop and host a show myself. Instead, I put my journalism and creative writing degrees to work behind the scenes while traveling the world and living the expat life.

In 2016, I learned how to podcast as part of my marketing role at a London startup. Despite the crazy working hours, I still wanted to make the most of my time in Europe, but I had zero time to plan travel. I just wanted to get on the plane, sit back in my tiny seat, and listen to a podcast to learn what I should see and where I should eat when I landed in Berlin or Istanbul or whichever city. I couldn't find what I was looking for and knew others must be searching for the same thing.

Then it hit me, “Ah, I know what podcast I was meant to do!” So I combined my two passions – podcasts and travel – to create the Postcard Academy travel podcast, which features other expat women sharing their best insider food and culture tips on their adopted cities. I believe that true independence means the freedom to choose where, when, and how you spend your time, and we dive into this, as well.

How to podcast in Tuscany

Random facts

I moved to Italy on the advice of a stranger and became an E.U. citizen.

I currently live on the ocean in Kent and can literally see France from my bedroom window.

I often eat breakfast-y foods for lunch, and lunch foods for breakfast and wish everyone could experience this freedom. I’ve been vegetarian most of my life and my favorite meal of the moment is vegetarian English breakfast.


So that’s how I started podcasting for myself. Getting behind the mic has transformed me in ways I never imagined. I started out wanting to share great stories and useful information and inspiration with listeners. But then, as my comfort level grew in podcasting, I started to feel my confidence rising in other areas of my life. I’m a braver person, someone more comfortable sharing my opinions and excited about taking risks.

What if you could feel like this, too?

If you’re finally ready to start podcasting but need a little hand holding and encouragement to coach you through the process, subscribe to Podcasting Step by Step. I will be here for you every week, sharing exactly what’s worked for me — and what hasn’t — so you can overcome that podcast overwhelm, conquer your fear — and the tech — and develop a world-class podcast that helps you share your message, connect with your community, and build a brand and business that gives you the freedom to live life on your terms.