Overcome the overwhelm, crush the fear, and master the art of podcasting so your voice can be heard.

Are you the type of person who puts everyone else first? The one everyone runs to when they need advice on taking their ideas to the next level? And maybe you’ve loved this support role, but...it’s kind of kept you in the shadows.

You’re seen as the friendly sidekick or assistant, not a leader. You believe in your potential and your immediate colleagues would be lost without you, but leadership doesn’t even know your name. You have more to offer this world. You might even be ready to strike out on your own. You’re definitely ready for your voice to be heard.

Well...almost. You’ve been wanting to start a podcast forever but you’re still scared of putting yourself out there. “What if people don’t like me?” “Who am I to start a podcast?” “I don’t know anything about technology! How does a podcast even get into iTunes?”

You’re ready. You just need a little hand holding (and maybe a pinch of tough love) to coach you through the podcasting process. I started the Podcasting Step by Step podcast just for you, because I was you.