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Podcast Editing: 7 Ways to Save Time

Just Breathe! That’s actually the name Carrie Caulfield Arick gave her talk at Podcast Movement 2019. The podcast editing expert says one of the biggest mistakes new podcasters make is over-editing —  taking out every ‘um’ and deleting all the breaths. Carrie joined me on Podcasting Step by Step to talk about ways we can cut down on the time it takes for us to edit podcasts.

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Recording Environment: 11 Tips for Capturing Quality Audio When You Don’t Have a Studio

My housing situation is pretty random: I’m a lodger living with a Sri Lankan family and two other guys renting rooms at the beach. While the view is stunning, this is not the ideal podcasting environment. There are always people chatting. Seagulls squawk outside my very large, glass window, which lets in a ton of street noise because a little road runs along the coast between my room and the sea. On episode six of Podcasting Step by Step, I talk about how to create a quality-sounding podcast when you’re recording environment is not so great.

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