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Want to Grow Your Podcast Audience? Communicate What You Stand For

How do I get more listeners to my podcast? Have you ever asked yourself that? I’m sure you have because we all ask this. Until we get clear on what we stand for, we won’t be clear in what we want to share with the world, on our own shows and on the ones we guest on. If we don’t know what we’re all about, why would an audience rally behind us?

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Someone's Doing the Podcast I want to Do...What to Do

Let’s say you have a brilliant idea for a podcast, and then learn that someone else just started something similar. Or, maybe three others already exist and they have a lot of ratings and reviews and loyal fans. This is actually great news because it means there is an audience for what you want to do.On episode 14 of Podcasting Step by Step, I’ll share how you can take an existing idea for a podcast and make it your own.

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