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Podcast Intros: How to Hook Your Audience

One of the biggest complaints listeners have about podcasts is too much waffling before the host (or hosts) gets to the point of the episode. Your audience wants to know where you’re taking them, or they’re going to bail. The average podcast loses about a third of its audience in the first five minutes, according to NPR One. So how can you create an above average podcast? On Podcasting Step by Step, I talk about how to keep your podcast audience listening with a great intro.

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How to Tell a Great Story

Have you ever tried to tell friends a story...and it falls flat? Your words just aren’t matching up with the experience you want to convey. The good thing is, storytelling is both an art and a science, and we podcasters can learn techniques to become better storytellers. Matthew Dicks, Moth GrandSLAM storytelling winner and the author of Storyworthy, teaches us how.

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Feedback: How to Ask for Input to Improve Your Podcast and not Cringe

The thought of asking for feedback on something we’ve created strikes fear in the hearts of many us. We’re asking people to critique something we’ve poured our heart and soul into, and this puts us in a very vulnerable position. We anticipate the worst and often feel like feedback is a critique of us and our worth.  We shrink up a little, preparing ourselves for the blow.

But we need to get over this and get comfortable being uncomfortable. Because, as cliche as it sounds, feedback really is a gift. It helps us grow personally and professionally and it takes our creative work, like our podcasts, to the next level.

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