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Podcast Intros: How to Hook Your Audience

One of the biggest complaints listeners have about podcasts is too much waffling before the host (or hosts) gets to the point of the episode. Your audience wants to know where you’re taking them, or they’re going to bail. The average podcast loses about a third of its audience in the first five minutes, according to NPR One. So how can you create an above average podcast? On Podcasting Step by Step, I talk about how to keep your podcast audience listening with a great intro.

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Want to Grow Your Podcast Audience? Communicate What You Stand For

How do I get more listeners to my podcast? Have you ever asked yourself that? I’m sure you have because we all ask this. Until we get clear on what we stand for, we won’t be clear in what we want to share with the world, on our own shows and on the ones we guest on. If we don’t know what we’re all about, why would an audience rally behind us?

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What Should I Podcast About? Find Your Why

One of the biggest mistakes new podcasters make is not thinking about the purpose of their show or why people would listen. ‘Start With Why’ is a common phrase in business these days thanks to the book and Ted Talk by Simon Sinek. The same idea should be applied to your podcast. Why do you want to start a podcast, and why will anyone care about it? What's in it for them?

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