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Imposter Syndrome: 7 Mindset Shifts to Overcome Feeling Like a Podcast Fraud

When you’re new to podcasting, everything can seem like a challenge. Choosing the right equipment; learning to edit audio; coming up with great content. But one of the biggest challenges — maybe the BIGGEST challenge — to people launching their shows is imposter syndrome. Here are 7 tips to help you overcome those ‘unworthy’ feelings.

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Want to Grow Your Podcast Audience? Communicate What You Stand For

How do I get more listeners to my podcast? Have you ever asked yourself that? I’m sure you have because we all ask this. Until we get clear on what we stand for, we won’t be clear in what we want to share with the world, on our own shows and on the ones we guest on. If we don’t know what we’re all about, why would an audience rally behind us?

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Elsie Escobar: How Podcasts Saved My Life

Elsie Escobar is a Hall-of-Fame podcaster, actress, advocate, one of the most significant voices in podcasting today, co-Founder of She Podcasts, manager of all things community at Libsyn, and an all around amazing woman who I am honored to know. On Podcasting Step by Step, we talk about what it takes to make it as a podcaster; why downloads are not the best way to gauge your podcast’s success; the conversation she wants to be having right now; and she shares how podcasting saved her life.

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